What Buyers Think About The Floors In Your Listings


It’s very clear that buyers prefer hard surfaces over carpet , but when deciding whether-or-not to replace carpet it comes down to: location and condition. Buyers don’t mind carpet in the bedrooms if they are in good shape.

Ask yourself if you would let a baby play on the floor or if you would be comfortable walking barefoot across it. The key is to make sure the carpet is “fresh.” If you wouldn’t describe it that way, replace it.




Hardwood Floors require proper maintenance and when they are in condition, they can increase the appeal of your listing significantly. If it’s in poor condition, repair it – do not cover it up or it could cause buyers to perceive it as having hidden flaws. If blemishes compose more than 5% of the flooring in a room, it can look like a “chore,” to the buyer whose eyes will be drawn away from the other features of the space.

Is the floor even, not creaking and can you sweep a broom across it without the divets and damages causing you to leave a trail of dirt? If not, replace it.



The technology behind synthetic floors is quickly advancing. New, luxury vinyl flooring can be stain and scratch resistance, pet proof and waterproof. Buyers love the “worry-free” warranties that accompany most high quality vinyl products. Find out if the warranty is transferable to add even more value. As long as the flooring is consistent, installed well and doesn’t show any major damage, keep it.

Walk across the rooms where the vinyl is located and check to see that the edges all lay uniform and there are no corners coming up. If there are corners coming up, request a consultation with a Flooring Contractor. (Like us) If there is leftover product from the original installation, it may be a quick-fix. Otherwise, vinyl is budget-friendly and you may want to advise your client to have the entire floor replaced with properly installed new floors.

One of the reasons we love this business is that every flooring project is different. So, there’s really no way to answer all of the questions we are frequently asked with a generic list. Each of our Client’s experiences is highly-tailored based on their individual needs. When we meet you we will go over any of your concerns so we can plan to accommodate any special requests or unique requirements.

How long will the installation take?

A lot of work goes into preparation for your flooring project — and it starts from the moment that we begin discussing it. The goal is to avoid all possible speedbumps so that when it comes time to install your flooring, things will progress as seamlessly as possible. Even then, life happens. You can be assured that we will communicate openly and honestly along the way. If things come up, we work quickly to make a counter-plan.

Will I be able to live in my home while the work is being done?

We get asked about this a lot! Depending on your home and lifestyle, we will adapt our schedule to work around you. Some clients prefer to sleep somewhere else while we demo all the floors and replace them with new flooring. Others prefer for us to work in sections in the home while it’s occupied. Either way, we will coordinate a plan to get the job done while minimizing any disruptions to your lifestyle.

I found a cheaper product somewhere else, can NB Flooring install it for me?

We offer fair, up-front and honest pricing from the very start. All of our Materials are sourced from the best manufacturers and warrantied to last. We don’t have hidden costs, we will not “nickle-and-dime” you and we have something for every budget. That being said, we only install materials purchased through our Showroom in order to protect our working relationship with you. It’s the only way we can be certain of their quality.